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Tapioca/cassava products (Animal feed)

Commodity Code - 921
Commodity Name - Tapioca/cassava products (Animal feed)
Commodity scientific Name - Manihot esculenta (cassava)


General Characteristics


• Tapioca flour for animal feed shall be obtained by grinding and sieving tapioca chips [seed against TPC (AF) below], The flour shall be creamy white in colour and of such a size that not more than 5% by weight is retained on a sieve of aperture 1.6000 mm and not more than 10% by weight shall pass through a sieve of aperture 1.000 mm. The flour shall be free from dirt and extraneous matter, rancidity, adulterants, insect or fungus infestation and from Objectionable odour.

• Tapioca chips for animal feed shall be obtained by drying slices of tapioca tubes (Manihot utlilissima or Manihot palmata) after first removing the outer rind. The thickness of the slices (chips) shall not exceed 15mm. The material shall be dry, free from dirt, adulterants and other extraneous matter. They shall also be free from insect or fungus infestation as well as rancid or objectionable odour.


Grade designations and definition of quality of Tapioca Products (Animal Feed) (Results expressed as percentage by weight on dry basis)


Grade Designation Special Characteristics
Moisture Maximum Total Ash Acid Insoluble Ash Crude fiber Max. Hydrocynic Acid Max. Alcoholic acidity (as H2SO4) in 90% alcohol Max. Crude protein Min. Crude Fat Min.
TPF (AF)* 13.0 2.5 1.0 2.5 0.03 0.15 2.0 0.4
TPC (AF)$ 13.0 2.5 1.0 3.0 0.03 0.15 2.0 0.4


*Methods of test for edible starches.


Shelf Life 12 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 6 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 03 Months
Number of Extensions 02 (2X3 months)
Weight Tolerance NA