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Tropica Chips

Commodity Code - 922
Commodity Name - Tapioca chips
Commodity scientific Name - Manihot esculenta (cassava)


General Characteristics


• The material shall be in the form of chips made from raw tubers of tapioca and of a thickness not exceeding 20 mm.

• It shall be free from adulterants, insect or fungus infestation and from rancid, musty, fermented or other undesirable odour. Before skinning, the material shall be washed thoroughly in running water to remove all adherent dirt.

• When examined by the method prescribed in Appendix A, not more than 2 percent by weight of the material shall have the outer residual skin.


S. No. Characteristic Requirements Method of test refer to
Appendix of this standard Cl of IS:4706-1968*
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1. Moisture, percent by weight, Max 13.0 - 3
2. Total ash (on dry basis), percent by weight, max 1.8 - 4
3. Acid insoluble ash (on dry basis), percent by weight, Max 0.10 - 5
4. Crude fibre (on dry basis), percent by weight, MAX 2.10 - 9
5. pH of aqueous extract 4.7-7.0 - 10
6. Cold-water solubles (on dry basis), percent by weight, Max 11.0 C 1-


*Methods of test for edible starches.


Shelf Life 6 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 3 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 03 Months
Number of Extensions 02 (2X3 months)
Weight Tolerance NA