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Tamarind seeds

Commodity Code - 208
Commodity Name - Tamarind seeds
Commodity scientific Name - Tamarindus indica


General Characteristics


The Tamarind seeds:-


(1) shall be obtained from the dried, ripe and mature fruits of Tamarindus indica;

(2) decorticated shall be obtained by removing black/ brown skin of the seeds and be white in colour;

(3) under corticated shall be with brown/black seed coat;

(4) Shall be free from live insect infestation, visible mould attack, rodent excreta, artificial coloring and polishing, obnoxious smell, deleterious substances and other impurities except to the extent provided under special characteristics.


Grade designations and definition of quality of undecorticated and decorticated Tamarind Seeds


Grade designation Extraneous matter, percent by weight (Maximum) Damaged and discoloured, percent by weight (Maximum) Weight, per liter in gms (Minimum) Moisture, percent by weight (Maximum)
Special 1.0 2.0 900 9.0
Grade A 2.0 5.0 800 10.0




(1) Extraneous matter: shall consist of stones, dust dirt, parts of fruits such as rind, fibrous skeleton and/or any other foreign material.

(2) Damaged and discolored: shall be the seeds, which are damaged or attacked by the insects, weevils mould and/or showing internal discoloration materially affecting the quality.


Shelf Life 12 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 6 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 2X3 Months
Number of Extensions 3