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Pasteurized Butter

Commodity Code - 272
Commodity Name - Pasteurized Butter
Commodity Scientific Name - Milk Fat Product


General Characteristics -


1. It shall be the product derived from clean and wholesome cream obtained from the milk of cow or buffalo or both, with or without the addition of clean dairy salt;


2. It shall have the characteristic smell and agreeable taste. It shall be clean, pleasant and free from objectionable odour and rancidity. No. extraneous flavoring agent except diacetyl shall be added provided that total dactyls content shall not exceed 4.0 parts per million;


3. It shall be firm at 150 C and be neither greasy nor oily. Body shall be compact and show uniform fine granular surface on breaking;


4. The color of butter shall be uniform and without any streakiness, mottling or signs of curd particles. No. Coloring matter except annatto or carotene shall be added;


5. The purity of butter fat produced in a particular area shall be judged with reference to the physico-chemical constants prescribed under the Ghee Grading and Marking Rules, 1938 for ghee produced in the same area;


6. It shall be free from other animal fats vegetable oils or fats, mineral oils, wax or any extraneous substances or impurities:


7. It shall not contain any other preservative except common salt which shall not exceed 3 per cent by weight;


8. It shall comply with rule 57-A and 57-B of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 1955;


9. Coliform count shall be less than 10 per gram;


10. It shall not contain yeast and mould count more than 20% gm;


11. In case of export of butter it shall also conform to the buyers specifications, if any, and shall meet the requirements of bacteriological metallic contaminants, Mycotoxins and pesticide residue content prescribed, either in the order from the buyer or as per the stipulation there of in importing countries foods and drugs administration standards.


*Pasteurized table butter shall be made from pasteurized cream and the phosphates test shall be negatives”.


Grade designation and definition quality of Pasteurized Butter


Grade Designation Definition of Quality
Special Characteristics
Milk fat % by weight (Minimum) Moisture percent by weight (Maximum) Curd percent by weight(Maximum) Acidity as lactic acid percent by weight
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
*Pasteurized butter Table 80.0 16.0 1.5 0.15


*Pasteurized table butter shall be made from pasteurized cream and the phosphates test shall be negatives”.


Shelf Life 12 Months at 40C or below
Initial Validity of e NWR 06 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 03 Months
Number of Extensions 02 (2X3 months)
Weight Tolerance NA