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Commodity Code - 12
Commodity Name - Mustard
Commodity Scientific Name - Brassica juncea and B. campestris


RGN-298, GIRIRAJ, PM-30, RH-406, RH-749, RVM-2, RGN-229, RGN-236, NRCHB-101, RGN-145, PM-25, B-9, AGRANI (SEJ-2), BIO-902, BR-40, CS-52 (DIAR-343), DIVYA – 33, GUJARAT MUSTARD-2, KANTI (RK9807), KRANTI (PR-15), LAXMI (RH-8812), NRCDR -02, PBR-357, PUSA BAHAR, PUSA BOLD, PUSA KRANTI(P-26/21), PUSA SWARNIM (IGC-01), RCC-4, RLM-198, RLM-514, RLM-619, RW-351, SHEKHAR (K.R.5610), SWARM JYOTI (RH 9801), VARUNA (T-59), VASUNDHRA (RH 9304), VSL-5

Grade designation Foreign matter Dead, discoloured & damaged Unripe shriveled and slightly damaged Small atrophied seeds Admixture of other varieties of mustard
1 2 3 4 5 6
Special 1 1 1.5 5 5
Standard 2 1.5 3 10 10
General 3 2 4 20 15

General Characteristics:-

The seeds shall

  1. Have shape, size, colour and pungency characteristic of the variety /form.

  2. Be mature, hard,wholesome and well dried, moisture not exceeding 6 percent.

  3. Not have any trace of Argemone seeds.

  4. Be free from moulds or insect damage and deleterious substances.

  5. Not bear the grains of any other species, and

  6. Be in a sound merchantable condition.

Mustard Seed shall be-

  1. Clean, wholesome, reasonably uniform in size, shape and colour characteristic to the variety .
  2. Free from obnoxious smell and fungus infestation.

Criteria for Range designation Tradable parameters Range-1 Range-2 Range-3
A Essential
i Oil Content(% by wt) Min 42.0 38.0 36.0
ii Moisture(% by wt) Max 8.0 9.0 10.0
iii Foreign matter(% by wt) Max 2.0 3.0 4.0
iv Damaged and discoloured seeds (% by wt) Max 2.0 3.0 5.0
v Other Edible Seeds (% by wt) Max 0.5 0.8 1.0
vi Argemone seeds  
B Optional (Industrial/Processors)
i Allyl iso thiocynate (m/m) on dry basis Not less than 0.7 percent by weight


  • 5 % or minimum one container shall be randomly selected for sampling.

  • 250g shall be drawn from each selected container and shall be mixed homogenously, called as primary sample.

  • 250g shall be drawn from primary sample called as Laboratory sample.


Optional parameters are voluntary and may be analyzed as per buyer-seller agreement.

  • Foreign matter includes husk, straws, weed seeds, other inedible grains, metallic pieces, sand, gravel, dirt, pebbles, stones, lumps of earth, clay, mud and animal filth etc.

  • Damaged and discoloured seeds are sprouted or internally damaged as a result of heat, microbe, moisture or weather and mechanical injury.

  • Are pieces of sound kernels that are less than three fourths of the size of full kernels.

  • Other Edible seeds means any edible seed other than the one which is under consideration.

Shelf Life - 12 Months

Initial Validity of e NWR - 6 Months

Extension of e NWR Validity - 3 Months

Number of Extensions - 2x 3Months

Weight Tolerance - Loss or gain equivalent to 70% of the decrease or increase in the moisture content during storage