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Commodity Code - 335
Commodity Name - Mahua Seed
Commodity Scientific Name - Madhuca longifolia, Madhuca latifolia


Madhuca longifolia, Madhuca latifolia

Mahua Seed shall be

  1. Clean, wholesome, reasonably uniform in size, shape and colour characteristic to the variety;

  2. Free from obnoxious smell and fungus infestation. Tradable parameters Range-1 Range-2 Range-3
A Essential
i Oil Content(% by wt) Min 40.0 38.0 35.0
ii Moisture(% by wt) Max 7.0 8.0 9.0
iii Foreign matter(% by wt) Max 2.0 4.0 6.0
iv Broken & damaged seed(% by wt) Max 10.0 15.0 20.0
B Optional (Industrial/Processors)
i Color Reddish yellow Dark brown


  • 5 % or minimum one container shall be randomly selected for sampling

  • 250 gm whichever is applicable shall be drawn from each selected container and shall be mixed homogenously, called as primary sample.

  • 250 gm shall be drawn from primary sample called as Laboratory sample


  • “Foreign matter”:-It includes husk, straws, weed seeds, other inedible grains, metallic pieces, sand, gravel, dirt, pebbles, stones, lumps of earth, clay, mud and animal filth etc.

  • “Broken:- shall include those seeds which are less than three-fourth but more than one-fourth of a whole seed.

  • “Damaged Seed” means grains that are damaged as a result of heat, microbe, moisture or weather and mechanical injury.

Optional parameters are voluntary and may be analyzed as per buyer-seller agreement.

Total Shelf Life - 12 Months

Initial Validity of e NWR - 6 Months

Extension of e NWR Validity - 3 Months

Number of Extensions - 2*3 Months

Weight Tolerance - Loss or gain equivalent to 70% of the decrease or increase in the moisture content during storage