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Commodity Code - 107
Commodity Name - Mace
Commodity Scientific Name - Myristica fragrans




Grade designation

Special requirements (% by mass) Maximum


Inorganic extraneous matter (% by mass) Maximum

Organic extraneous matter (% by mass) Maximum

Insect damaged (% by mass) Maximum

Moisture (% by mass) Maximum

Volatile oil content ml/100gm. (Minimum)









General charectristics -

Mace (Jaepatri) Whole shall :-

(a) be the dried, flattened seed coat or aril of the ripe fruit of nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans Houttuyn ; (b) be free from aril of other variety of Myristica malabarica or fatua (Bombay mace ) and Myristica agrentia (wild mace) ;

(c) be of buff of light brown colour, horny and brittle;

(d) have the characteristic fresh and aromatic odour and bitter acrid and warm flavour;

(e) be free from rancid taste musty odour, off-flavour, mould growth, insect infestation, rodent contamination and added coloring matter;

(f) comply with the restrictions in regard to aflatoxin, metallic and other naturally occurring toxic substances contamination insecticide residues and other provision as prescribed under the prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 1955.



Shelf Life - 5 Months

Initial Validity of e NWR - 3 Months

Extension of e NWR Validity - 2X1 Months

Number of Extensions -