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Commodity Code - 918
Commodity Name - Frozen Green Peas
Commodity scientific Name -


JP-885, Ambika, Indra, Indra (KPMR-400),Adarsh (IPF 99-25), IPF 4-9, Prakash (IPFD 1-10), IPFD 10-12, Vikas (IPFD-99-13), Prakash, Jay (KPMR-522), (KPMR-1441), Pant Pea-14, Pant pea-42,KFP-103 (Shikha), Uttra (HFP8909), Hariyal (HFP-9907 B), Jayanti (HFP-8712), HFP-9426, Aman (IPF5-19), Alankar, Aman (IPF5-19), DMR-7 (Alankar), Swati (KFPD-24), Malviya Matar-15 (HUDP-15), Vikas, Sapna,DDR-23 (Pusa Prabhat), DDR-27 (Pusa panna), VL Matar -42, V L Matar -47, PL Matar-42, Shubhra (IM-9101), Paras


Blond Peas, m/m (%) MAX Blemished Peas, m/m, (%) MAX Seriously Blemished Peas, m/m (%) MAX Pea Fragments, m/m (%) MAX Extraneous Vegetable Matter, m/m (%) MAX Alcoholinsoluble solid content (m/m) (%) MAX
Not applicable 10 8 4 15 1 23



(i) Frozen peas shall be prepared from fresh, clean, sound, whole, immature seeds of peas plant of the species Pisum sativum L which have been washed, sufficiently blanched to ensure inactivation of enzymes and adequate stability of colour and flavour. It shall be stored at -18°C or below.

(ii) Blond Peas- Peas which are yellow or white but which are edible (that is, not sour or rotted).

(iii) Blemished Peas-Peas which are slightly stained or spotted.

(iv) Seriously Blemished Peas- Peas which are hard, spotted, discoloured or otherwise blemished to an extent that the appearance or eating quality is seriously affected. These shall include worm eaten peas.

(v) Peas Fragments- Peas which are separated into portions or individual cotyledons; crushed, partial or broken cotyledons; and loose skins, but does not include entire intact peas with skins detached.

(vi) Extraneous Vegetable Material. - Any vine or leaf or pod material from the pea plant, or other vegetable material such as poppy heads or thistles.


Optional parameters are voluntary and may be analyzed as per buyerseller agreement.

Shelf Life* 12 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 06 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 03 Months
Number of Extensions 2X3 months

* Shelf life as given is applicable if the temperature of storage is maintained at or below -18°C.