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Commodity Code - 916
Commodity Name - Frozen Cauliflower
Commodity scientific Name -


Early kunwar, Early Synthetic, Pusa Katki, Pant Gobhi-2, Pant Gobhi-3,Pusa Synthetic, Pant Shubhra, Punjab Giant-26, Punjab Giant-35, Pusa Snowball-1, Pusa Snowball-2, Sonwball-16, Dania Kalimpong


Style Category of defect AP I AP II AP III AP IV AP V AP VI AP VII AP VIII AP IX
Discolouration (each unit)- Light and Dark MAXs Blemished (each head)- Minor, Major and Serious MAX Mechanical Damaged (each head) MAX Fibrous (each unit)- Fibrous Major and Fibrous Serious MAX Poorly trimmed (each head) MAX leaves (each 2cm2) MAX Not compact (Each area or combined area of 12cm²) MAX Fragments (each 3% m/m) MAX Loose stem(each piece) MAX
Whole Minor 10 -- --
Major 6 -- --
Serious 4 -- --
Split, Florets and Other Styles Minor 25
Major 16
Serious 4



(i) Frozen cauliflower shall be prepared from fresh, clean, sound heads of the cauliflower plant of the species Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis L., from which heads may be trimmed and separated into parts, are washed and sufficiently blanched to ensure inactivation of enzymes and stability of colour and flavour and shall be stored at -18°C or below.

(ii) Discolouration.- grey, brown, green or similar discolouration confined essentially to the flower surface of the unit and which materially detracts from the appearance of the product. Branches or stems with a bluish or greenish tinge are not be considered as discoloured.

(a)Light.- the discolouration disappears almost entirely upon cooking.

(b)Dark.- the discolouration does not disappear upon cooking.

(iii) Blemished.-A unit affected by pathological or insect injury, and which may extend into the cauliflower.

(a) Minor.-The appearance of the unit is only slightly affected.

(b) Major.-The appearance of the unit is materially affected.

(c) Serious.-The appearance of the units is objectionably affected to such an extent that it would customarily be discarded under normal culinary preparation.

(iv) Mechanically Damaged.-

(a) Major (for split and floret styles).-A unit in which more than 50 per cent of the curd (head or combine florets) has been mechanically damaged or is missing.

(b) Major (for whole Styles).-A unit in which more than 25 per cent of the curd(head or combine florets) has been mechanically damaged or is missing.

(v) Major Fibrous.-A unit which possess tough fibres that are quite noticeable and materially affect the eating quality.

(vi) Serious Fibrous.-A unit which possesses tough fibres that are objectionable and of such nature that it would be customarily discarded.

(vii) Poorly Trimmed.-A unit which had deep-knife gouges or a ragged appearance.

(viii) Leaves.-Coarse green leaves or parts thereof whether or not attached to the unit.

(ix) Fragments.-Portions of the florets 5 mm or less across the greatest dimension.

(x) Not Compact.-A unit in which the florets are spreading, or the flower head has ‘ricey’ appearance or the flower head is very soft or musty.

(xi) Loose stem- Each piece of stem exceeding 2.5 cm in length detached from a cauliflower unit.


Optional Parameters are voluntary and may be analyzed as per buyer-seller agreement.


Shelf Life*


Shelf Life 12 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 06 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 03 Months
Number of Extensions 2X3 months

* Shelf life as given is applicable if the temperature of storage is maintained at or below -18°C.