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Commodity Code - 99
Commodity Name - Cotton Seeds
Commodity Scientific Name - Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense,Gossypium arboretum, Gossypium herbaceum


CICR-3, HD-432, BT-6, ADT-1, AHH-90-1(AJEET-11), AJIT (LHH-144), CICR HH-1 (KIRTI), H 1098-IMPROVED, H-10 BC-68-2A, H-14, HABRID-4/SHANKAR-4(H-4), HD-107, HD-324 (HD 324-1), HHH-287 (GM BASED INTRA, HIRSUSTUM HYBRID), J-34, JYOTI, LAHH-4 (A 13), LAM-389, MCU-12 (TCH-1025), MDCH-201, NARASIMHA (NANDYAL-1325), NCS-145-BUNNY (NCHH-145), NCS-207 MALLIKA (NCHH-207), PHULE ANMOL (RAC 024), PKV DH-1 (AKDH-7), PKV HY.4 (CAHH-8), PRIYA (NA-920), PUSA 8-6, PUSA-31, RAS 299-1, ROHINI (NA-48), RS-875, SANKAR-4 (HYBRID-4), SARASWATI, SURABHI (VRS-7), SWADESHI-1 (ADCH-1), TM-1312, TNB-1, V-797, VBCH 2231, VIKAS, VISHNU (G.COT 100)

Grades Designation Foreign Matter Damaged Seeds Immature, shrivelled and dead seeds Weevilled seeds Linters Moisture
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
I 1.0 1.0 2.0 0.5 4.0 10.0
II 3.0 2.0 4.0 1.0 6.0 10.0
III 5.0 4.0 6.0 1.5 10.0 10.0

General Characteristics:-

The cotton seeds shall

  1. Be obtained from the plant of Gossypium species

  2. Be well developed, mature, clean and dry

  3. Be reasonably uniform in shape, size and colour;

  4. Be free from dirt, obnoxious smell, deleterious substances, insect infestation, visible mould attack and rodent contamination except to the extent provided under special characteristics.

The cotton seeds shall

  1. Intact, firm, clean, of same variety and

  2. Free from visible foreign matter, abnormal external moisture, foreign smell

Criteria for Range designation Tradable parameters Range-1 Range-2 Range-3
A Essential
i Oil Content(% by Weight) Min 15.0 15.0 10.0
ii Moisture(% by Weight) Max 10.0 11.0 12.0
iii Foreign matter (% by Weight) Max 1.0 2.0 4.0
iv Damaged seed(% by Weight) Max 3.0 4.0 5.0
B Optional (Industrial/Processors)
i Linters Not more than 10 percent by weight


  • 5 % or minimum one container shall be randomly selected for sampling.

  • 250 gm shall be drawn from each selected container and shall be mixed homogenously, called as primary sample.

  • 250 gm shall be drawn from primary sample called as Laboratory sample.


  • Foreign matter:-All foreign material other than cottonseed material, where cottonseed material includes cotton fiber attached to the seed coat.

  • Damaged seeds: -Includes smutty seed, hot seed, musty seed, sour seed, rotted seed and mouldy seed.

Optional parameters are voluntary and may be analyzed as per buyer-seller agreement.

Shelf Life - 12 Months

Initial Validity of e NWR - 6 Months

Extension of e NWR Validity - 3 Months

Number of Extensions - 2x3Months

Weight Tolerance - Loss or gain equivalent to 70% of the decrease or increase in the moisture content during storage