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Ball Copra

Commodity Code - 992
Commodity Name - Ball Copra
Commodity scientific Name - Cocos nucifera


General Characteristics


(i) These shall be the kernels obtained intact and in the form of balls from the fruits of Cocos nucifera Linn. family-palmae.

(ii) These shall be well dried, reasonably firm and in sound merchantable condition.

(iii) These may be fumigated by sulphur of other fumigants permissible under PFA Rules, 1955 and shall be free from rancid taste and objectionable odour.

(iv) The testa shall be whitish to dark brown in colour and the meat shall be pearly white to ash white in colour and shall be sweet in taste.


Grade designation and definitions of quality of ball copra for edible use

Grade designation Size (Diameter) in mm Foreign matter % by weight maximum Mouldy & black kernels % by count maximum Wrinkled kernels % by count maximum Moisture % by weight maximum Chips % by weight maximum
Grade I 85 0.2 2.0 10.0 7.0 1.0
Grade II 75 0.2 2.0 10.0 7.0 1.0
Grade III 60 0.2 2.0 10.0 7.0 1.0
+ Non-Specified            


Note :


1. Foreign matter includes sand, dust, straw and shell.

2. Mouldy and black kernels include balls in which more than 5% of the inner surface is covered with mould and/or is dark brown to black in colour.

3. Wrinkled kernels include balls that are shrunk out of normal shape or are not fully matured or developed or have a rubbery structure and uneven surface. Such kernels are often discoloured.

4. Chips include pieces of kernel which are smaller in size.

5. Meat means the soft body enclosed in the shell which carries the oil.

6. Packing under Non-Specified grade will be allowed only against a specified order from the foreign buyer indicating the quantity and quality of the produce desired.

Shelf Life 12 Months
Initial Validity of e NWR 6 Months
Extension of e NWR Validity 2X3 Months
Number of Extensions 02