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Commodity Code - 325
Commodity Name - Almond (Badam) In shell
Commodity Scientific Name - Prunus dulcis



General characteristics

  1. It shall be the products obtained by drying sound, clean fruits and nuts of proper maturity.   
  2. The product shall be free from mould, living / dead insects, insect fragments and rodent contamination.
  3. The product shall be uniform in colour with a pleasant taste and flavour characteristic of the fruit/ nut free from off flavour, mustiness, rancidity and evidence of fermentation.
  4. The product shall be free from added colouring.


The product shall conform to the following requirements:—


  Sl     No.   Parameter   Limits
  (i)   Extraneous Vegetable matter   (m/m)   Not more than 1.0 percent
  (ii)   Damaged/ Discoloured units     (m/m)   Not more than  2.0  percent
  (iii)   Acidity of extracted fat expressed   as oleic Acid     

  Not more than  1.25 percent



Explanation - For the purpose of this paragraph –

  1. ‘Extraneous vegetable matter’ means stalks, pieces of shells, pits, fibre, peel;
  2. ‘Damaged or Discoloured’ means units affected by sunburn, scars mechanical injury, discolouration and insects.


Total Shelf Life  -  12 Months


Initial Validity of e NWR – 6 Months


Extension of e NWR Validity -  3 Months


Number of Extensions -  Two


Weight Tolerance -  Loss or gain equivalent to 70% of the decrease or increase in  the moisture content during storage